I would like to thank all my clients, it’s an absolute pleasure to help you all ! Also a big thank you to my mentor and best friend Guy Mierczuk, the winner of Mr Universe in 1959 and now the owner of the Gym at the Port of Monaco.


“Fiona is the most dynamic personal trainer I have come across in 50 years ! She gives everyone 100%, is always smiling and full of energy ! She pushes her clients but in a very safe manner and encourages them endlessly! She is different from all other coaches because she understands the connection between mind and body.”
Guy Mierczuk, Mr Universe 1959

“Fiona is full of energy and knows exactly how to motivate you even when you really don’t feel like working out. She will always know the appropriate exercise to get you started.
Workouts are fun and varied. She always finds the right balance between challenging and pushing you while taking into consideration your abilities and limits. You can tell there is a master plan behind it; especially when she coaches you through your dietary habits.
Fiona leads you tirelessly but gingerly towards reaching your goal. Her good mood and determination are contagious.”
Sergio G, Monaco

“Fiona is a whiz with diets and has re-educated me about what I should be eating. She has helped me lose that annoying layer of belly fat by combining a new diet and exercise regime. I was ashamed when she looked in my fridge but very proud now!”
Sarah Cameron, La Turbie

“Fiona really was able to provide me with excellent comprehensive weight loss strategy to include diet, targeted exercise and stretching. Results were visible within a week!”
Guy M Smith Monaco

“Fiona makes me me work extremely hard and has changed the shape of my body! Thanks Fiona!”
Valeriya Fabre, Cap D’ail

“Fiona has been training my children for the last year, they absolutely love the sessions and come home and teach me about my diet and positive thinking. Fiona not only trains their body, she trains their mind too!”

“Fiona is fantastic, the best personal trainer on the Monaco! Friendly, kind but tough at the same time!”
Belinda G, Monaco

“Fiona has changed my life ! She has helped me lose weight and get my old body back. The most important part for me was that she understands the frustration of sports injuries, having suffered many herself. She has supported me mentally and physically, to find the determination to change my habits and my diet and I’m extremely grateful to her.”
Dario G, Cap D’ail

“Fiona has helped me to be more confident and taught me how to exercise at home and how to eat correctly.
I don’t like PE at school and was larger than all the other girls in my class. Fiona has helped me to lose weight and I feel better about myself. She is my friend.”
Giorgia G age 14, Roquebrune

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