“Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change”
Jim Rohn

I have always been fascinated by nutrition but even more so when I was diagnosed with coeliac disease (age 25). Coeliac disease basically means I can’t eat wheat and gluten. But to understand what I could and couldn’t eat, I had to quickly become an expert in nutrition and reading ingredients labels. Most products try to hide the ‘badies’ with weird and wonderful names that none of us understand, that’s why it’s better to eat fresh and natural.

Whatever is holding you back from losing weight, I will work with you to identify the problem and design a weight loss programme that combines diet, exercise and psychological coaching. Success is based on three foundations: a realistic dietary programme, a cardiovascular exercise programme and a weight training programme. By tailoring to your unique set of circumstances, I will support, encourage and motivate you to achieve the body shape you desire.


Here are some great tips for losing weight:

“Why am I not losing weight?” …this is a question I get asked all the time! “I exercise every day and nothing is happening…???”

There are many reasons…


You are eating too much!

Weight loss is not rocket science, ‘energy in = energy out’ if we don’t burn off what we put in our mouths, our body stores it as fat. Therefore if you exercise every day but your diet is poor, you will not lose weight. People also often think, ‘well I ran for an hour, so I can eat a chocolate bar now!’ Wrong!


Before you start your exercise programme, keep a food diary and count the calories of everything that you eat for that week. Try using Calorie King. This will surprise you! A rough guide of daily caloric allowance is 1200-1500 calories per day for women and 2000 – 2400 calories for men. Combine that with regular exercise and weight loss simply MUST occur.

Once you start training, make sure you do not increase the amount you are eating. I will advise you on how to eat healthier, increase your protein intake and replace certain foods with other low GI foods, that will make you feel fuller for longer.


You’re not losing weight because you’re not drinking enough water!

Time and time again I see people mistaking hunger for thirst. Drinking water makes you feel fuller and less hungry. Various research shows that if you drink 2 cups of water 30 minutes before a meal, then you will consume 75 calories less on average during that meal.

Drinking water helps your body burn stored fat, gives you more energy, increases metabolism and helps build muscle.

Guidelines: Drink: 30ml for every kilo you weigh and add 1 litre for every hour you exercise. Throw out Sugary drinks, these include fruit juice!! Sometimes there is the same amount of sugar in apple juice as Coca-Cola!


You’re not losing weight because you’re not training hard or long enough

It makes me laugh when people say Fiona, ‘I went to the gym every day last week and I followed your diet, why am I not losing weight?’ Well, were you completely exhausted at the end of your session, or could you have kept going? Did you stand and chat to your mates for 30 minutes or were you breathing so hard, that you couldn’t hold a conversation? The body needs to be overloaded to stimulate change, so if you want change, you have to overload, but safely! For example this can be achieved by increasing the intensity or the duration, try HIIT Training.

HIIT training is most effective

HIIT stands for high intensity, interval training, it lets your body burn more calories in a shorter space of time. Forget steady cardio, do HIIT training; Instead of running on the treadmill at a steady speed for 30 minutes straight, shock your body with 3 minute sprints, every 3 minutes.. or if you like walking, do 3 minutes hard and 3 minutes easy, this is much more effective.


You’re not losing weight because you haven’t given yourself enough time…

If you want to lose weight and keep it off, it has to be done slowly and sustainably and not through some crazy ‘maple syrup’ fad diet, which causes you to put all the weight back on, the minute you stop!
It takes time to really change exercise and eating habits .Everybody is different and if you look at the scales every day, it will drive you mad. Instead look at how your clothes start to feel and how you start to feel. Weigh yourself once a month to give your body time to respond to your weight loss program. Instead of just focusing on weight loss, focus on changing you lifestyle to ensure you create a lifestyle that will keep the weight off forever. My life coaching can help you with this.


You’re not losing weight but your body shape has changed…

Muscle is heavier than fat, so if you gain muscle, that can hide the fat loss on the scales, but this really only applies to leaner people. If you are carrying an extra 6kg or more this will not apply to you. That’s why it’s important to monitor your progress by other means and not just the scales. Tape measurements at the key areas, are essential.


You’re not losing weight because of shifts in hormone levels and lack of sleep…

A sudden shift in hormone production can have huge effects on weight loss. The main culprits are the hormones that increase appetite (cortisol, Estrogen, leptin) and hormones that reduce the metabolism (Thyroxine produced in the thyroid). Sleep also has a huge effect on hormone production, so make sure you are getting enough sleep! Sleep deprivation interferes with the hunger hormones and leads you into believing that you need to eat more.

If you have recently put on a lot of weight for no apparent reason, or your appetite has significantly changed, get tested by your doctor to ensure your hormone function is normal.


You need treats!

If I say to you,’ don’t think about chocolate,’ what do you think about? Yes – chocolate!
When you force yourself not to eat something, your body goes into rebellion mode and craves it even more. So work out what time of the day you have cravings and give yourself a small treat, (150 calories or less). For example a square of dark chocolate or a handful of chocolate covered nuts.

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